Our main activity is dispatching of goods. A client applies to ATV Transport AS with his/her intention to transport goods from point A to point B. The client has to give a description of the goods (weight, amount, material, additional information, etc.) and the arrangement of transport (when, specifying instructions, numbers of the order, etc.).

After having received an order, the dispatcher finds a carrier for the assignment and delivers the information required for the carriage. The dispatcher is an intermediating link in the process, which brings together clients and carriers, who want to transport goods.

Dispatching service involves communication with the client and the carrier, planning of the route, cost accounting and the process administration. Dispatching is an activity, which brings together the carrier and the client and provides a transport service. For the client the benefit is stated in the provision of non-core service to a service company as the result of which the enterprise can focus on its main activity.

The dispatcher is like an administrator and person responsible. A dispatching company in not involved only in the arrangement of organisation but also provides assistance with filling out documentation and offers other ancillary services. ATV Transport AS product portfolio includes besides transportation services also storage and customs services.


  • Full-Load Carriage

    Ordinary cargo is usually transported by semi-trailers or mega-trailers. Their difference is in the interior height of the trailer. The measures of a tent-semi-trailer are generally 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.7m. A mega-trailer accommodates products with the height up to 3 metres.


    Sometimes it is not necessary to send a full load and products have to be taken to the client somehow. That is why we also provide half-load carriage services. We use semi-trailers and rear hatch trucks.


    If thermal carriage is required, we provide modern trailers equipped with Thermo King and Carrier equipment. We enable transportation of not only frozen and chilled products but also products, which have to be kept warm.


    Some goods may be classified as hazardous cargo. The term ADR cargo is usually used to denote the type of carriage service. Drivers need a special licence for that and the vehicles should have additional equipment. Drivers employed by ATV Transport have passed special training and the trucks are equipped with the corresponding additional equipment.


    In addition to cargo with usually measurements, we also carry oversized and heavy cargo.

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