Customs service

Customs procedures are required in case goods are imported on or exported out of the territory of the European Union. Customs service enables to implement commercial-political measures established to goods. The role of customs is to protect the producers’ business interests in the country by implementing corresponding administrative measures in the country of location. The general principle as a rule in case of import is to ensure that the products of local producers would retain their competitiveness in the market to ensure the employment of local inhabitants. In case of export the outflow of products is arranged so that the needs of the internal market are also covered. The leading authority in the cooperation in the area of customs is WCO (World Customs Organisation), including 179 member states.

ATV Transport AS offers the clients the service of dealing with customs formalities and filling out customs declarations, consultations for solving a variety of problems and issues via long-term cooperation partners. If required, we communicate with institutions and establishments pursuant to the client’s authorisation. In some cases it is not necessary to register goods imported on the territory of the EU at once and the client may leave the goods temporarily in the warehouse. For that purpose we provide modern storage facilities in corresponding warehouses. Temporary storage site is the customs terminal and the storage space, where goods may be stored by a definite person (keeper of the storage space). The storage space is not supposed to be located in the zone of border control.

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